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Home of Harmonious Hygge: The Andersen Boutique Hotel

Copenhagen is effortlessly chic and has so much to offer than any other capital in Europe. What better place to stay than a hotel that is 15 minutes from the airport and walking distance from all the must-see sights of one of Europe’s oldest cities. We promise you that The Andersen Hotel offers all things ‘Scandi cool’. The vibrancy of the hotel stretches out further than the bright and bold walls, with their warming hospitality and ‘happy hour’ filled with wine, The Andersen Hotel will truly make your Danish experience more authentic.


True to the Danish way, Copenhagen boasts more than harmonious hygge and contemporary style; the capital city is enriched with history and captivating architecture which truly makes it a must-see destination in Europe.

The fresh, crisp air is the perfect companion for the strolls down the harbour, whilst you admire and soak in all Copenhagen has to offer; from quaint, pastel painted houses to the intricate designs of Copenhagen’s Royal palaces, this is the city where history echoes within the walls whilst modern art whistles through the streets.

Below, we have listed only a small handful of the many places you can visit. The Andersen Hotel is a short five-minute walk from the main city train station, so whether you are in dire need of Dunkin Donuts, Danish pastries, or a quick dash to the best tourist hotspot, you know it is not too far to trek. You could easily begin your city tour the moment you land, with the Andersen being a mere 17-minute train journey away from the airport; so, let us not waste any time and begin…

Andersen HotelAndersen Hotel








Top five places to visit in Copenhagen:

  1. Rosenborg Slot

Built 400 years ago by King Christian IV, the Rosenborg Slot (Castle) houses the crown jewels and showcases hundreds of years of royal history. This castle is not short on pomp and pageantry and reveals the grandeur lifestyle the King once lived. Travel back in time and admire the royal possessions and discover the odd peculiarities the nobles once indulged in.

Rosenborg is located in Kongens Haven (The King’s Garden), which contains stunning rose gardens, manicured lawns and bushes, making it the perfect place to relax and enjoy lunch.  relaxing during summer.

Distance from the Andersen Hotel: 11 minutes via public transport, or a short 25-minute walk.


  1. Christianborg Palace

Christianborg Palace lies on Slotsholmen (Castle Island) in the middle of Copenhagen. The Queen, the Danish parliament and the office of the Danish prime minister all operate from within the confines of the Palace, from exclusive dinners to welcoming foreign state leaders, you can discover the royal reception rooms. The icing on top of the cake, however, lies in the hands of the highest tower in the city; the magnificent panoramic views the Palace tower flaunts is worth viewing, as you will be able to admire the class Copenhagen offers.

Distance from the Andersen Hotel: 13 minutes via public transport, or a short 20-minute stroll.

 Andersen Hotel

  1. Nyhavn

Copenhagen has beautifully curved canals, which serve as buffer zones between many of the areas.

Nyhavn is a 17th-century waterfront and it does not disappoint. The picturesque canals come with soothing jazz from the local cafes, fresh, succulent fish and indulgent waffles and refreshing beers for you to soak up the modern Danish life. A trip on the canals is a great way to take a break, rehydrate and reenergise; at the end of the harbour is a theatre where you can enjoy Danish ballet, or stop by for a nice coffee on the deck.

Distance from the Andersen Hotel: 15 minutes via public transport, or a 30-minute walk.


  1. National Museum of Denmark

If the quaint dollhouses exhibiting the childhoods of the past doesn’t draw you in, perhaps tracing Danish culture from the Middle Ages through to the present day will. Use this museum as your starting point for your Copenhagen journey, as it will have you yearning to explore the city even further. Showcasing mummies to cosplay, you could easily spend hours here, with or without your family.

Distance from the Andersen Hotel: 12 minutes via public transport or a quick 15-minute walk.


  1. Mielcke & Hurtigkarl

Of course, after all this sight-seeing good food is a must. Copenhagen boasts Michelin star restaurants, but the Mielcke & Hurtigkarl restaurant is a place where your taste buds will be set alight. If the gorgeous gardens don’t lure you in because you prefer the thrill of a surprise, enter the intimate dining area to be wined, dined on a secret menu; yes, that’s right…if you have trust issues, here is where you will test them and not be disappointed. This unique eating experience combines exquisite food with taste bud tingling wine in one of Copenhagen’s most beautiful settings, The Royal Horticultural Gardens, which date back to 1830. Within this milieu, all the senses are massaged at M&H. The decor is droll – a skilful intervention in its historic beauty. The outside is brought in, with the décor flaunting nature’s finest work with some of the most prominent artists, designers, and furniture that Denmark has formed in the last decade. They say that the devil is in the details, well, so is the divine.

Andersen HotelAndersen Hotel

And the details are what M&H do so well. The menu starts with a series of appetizers that open the palate and the mind, where you can soak in every little burst of flavour, from the floral elderflower complimenting caviar, right through to the sweet lime drizzled over fresh langoustine. The waiters make this an experience, rather than just ‘dinner’ and will proudly present each dish explaining the roots behind the zest each of your senses are tasting. Where it may be freshly grown herbs from the gardens outside, or personally picked (and shot!) pigeon* by the head chef, dining at M&H will leave you questioning if you really knew what fine dining entailed until now.

*Fear not if this scares you… the team at M&H are friendly, and I can assure you they will meet all your dining preferences and allergies.


Distance from the Andersen: 30-minute walk. I would personally recommend the walk up, where you can see the hustle and bustle of the city life, enjoy the shops on the stroll down and really soak in all Copenhagen has to offer. Each corner you turn you will be amazed by the impressive buildings, open space for cycling and the buzz of the Danish nightlife.

Being in the perfect location is not all the Andersen Hotel has to offer. Aside from the friendly smiles, seamless aesthetic settings, bikes you can rent to really blend in with the locals, and endless amounts of coffee, the best part is the Danish hospitality which you will truly experience here. After a long day of exploring the city, what better way to bid adieu to the retiring sun than happy hour; each evening the Andersen cracks open bottles of wine, complimentary for their guests, welcoming you to embrace conversations with others’ travelling from near and far. Tables scattered with wool so you can knit scarves for the homeless, to challenging a stranger to an intense game of chess, if you don’t take anything else from Copenhagen, you are sure to take away once in a lifetime stories and perhaps, new friends.



Price per night from £195 for the Wonderful room, including organic breakfast, Nespresso machine, Molton Brown toiletries, bath robe and slippers, air conditioning and WiFi