DeLuxe Travel Awards 2020

A B O U T T H E AY U R V E DA PA R K S C H LÖ S S C H E N “Everything has an effect, everything is Ayurveda – at the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen.” The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen is a unique retreat for lasting and effective Ayurveda cures. It is the only 5-star luxury Ayurveda detox and health resort in Europe to implement the Ayurvedic philosophy holistically and exclusively. All cure programmes, treatments and therapies are based on ancient principles of the Ayurvedic art of healing. The entire team, from the Ayurvedic practitioners and therapists to the yoga teachers and chefs, act according to this holistic ‘knowledge of life’. Since opening in 1993, the concept of the Detox & Health Resort focuses solely on the millennium-old Ayurveda tradition and at the same time integrates many small details into a larger and more effective whole. Personalised therapies, curative treatments, a gourmet vegetarian/vegan Ayurveda cuisine and a caring and highly qualified staff, located in a picturesque natural landscape – all this make the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen what it is: an unrivalled place where the body and mind are regenerated, the own healing powers are fortified and the guidance to implement healthy lifestyle habits and to take responsibility for one’s own health care is given. The Ayurveda Parkschlösschen offers a broad scope of programmes, varying from a first glance at Ayurveda during “Taking a Break” or “A Day of Ayurveda” to the treatment packages, “Anti-Stress”, “Liver Detox”, “Mental Detox” and “Privat Yoga Stay”. The heart of the Ayurveda Resort is however the Ayurvedic deep detox regime called “Panchakarma”, the royal Ayurveda therapy. Each programme always starts with a detailed consultation with an Ayurvedic medical practitioner who designs a personalised treatment strategy – one reason for the high efficacy of Ayurvedic therapy. At the core of all of the programmes are the natural methods of Ayurvedic medicine which proved to be extremely effective throughout millennia – fine-tuned to modern-day needs. One of the most profound and elaborate Ayurvedic treatments is the traditional synchronous massage of which the professional Ayurveda therapists perform 7 different types. Simultaneously, two therapists carry out treatments on the body four-handed. The warm coating of the medicated Ayurvedic oil and its composition as adapted to the Dosha constellation, as well as the harmonising massage and its purifying, stimulating or soothing effect on tissues, nervous system and vital points, together create a deep effect on mind and body. In order to allow these massages to unfold their enormous healing power unimpeded, the Ayurveda Parkschlösschen sticks strictly to the recommendations of the old Vedic scripts. In accordance with these ancient writings, absolute silence is observed during massages and special treatments. Similarly, women treat women, and men treat men. The Ayurveda detox cuisine is a further appetizing key to better health and an important part of successful Ayurveda detox cures. | 21

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