DeLuxe Travel Awards 2020

Cornelia was born as the daughter of Scipio Africanus, a Roman legendary folk hero, in 185 B.C. She married Tiberius Sempornius Gracchus, her cousin coming from a noble family, and gave birth to 12 children, but only three lived to adulthood. After her husband’s death, although she was a young widow, the Egyptian Monarch Ptolemy VIII proffered her his crown and wanted to marry her, but she refused and devoted herself to educating her 3 children according to Roman traditions and in the highest standards. At a time other Roman women were displaying their various ornamentation, Cornelia declared that her children were her most precious “Jewels”. After her death, a marble statue of Cornelia was erected which was inscribed as “Mother of the Grachii”. As the best example of the noble woman that symbolizes the grandeur of Rome, she is still accepted as a symbol of noble women even today well after the Roman era. Our hotel’s basic principle, “Quality Service in High Standards”, is taken from the life philosophy that Cornelia remained loyal to throughout her life. Our goal is to host our guests in the best way according to this philosophy. Cornelia Hotels.Golf.Spa is the perfect host to help you enjoy your holiday beyond your expectations. Since our foundation, we have aimed to provide exemplary service as an environmentally and socially conscious establishment. We believe in the importance of sustainable tourism and aim to raise awareness in this area within our society. To this end, we have worked on a number of projects, and are developing our current projects with additional applications. Productive support from our management, the awareness of our staff and our collaborative attitude with local authorities are significant indicators of our commitment to this effort. There is a legendary place described in hundreds of poems written during the middle ages… A place where the concept of luxury was defined maybe for the first time centuries ago… It is always like spring; the temperature does not change at any time… Everybody is 33 years old… Everybody is in love… everybody is happy… There are curative pools everywhere… Everyone feels oneself well… Centuries later, a brand-new concept called spa has come into our lives and this legend has come true… This is why Crassula Spa exists… to create that magical world which will make you feel yourself better… Unique cares giving fresh life to your body and soul… The most luxurious, most effective treatments, massages worldwide… The most distinguished materials, enchanting scents… CON TA C T T: 90 242 710 16 00 İskele Mevkii, Turizm Cd. No: 2/A, 07506 Serik/Antalya, Turkey A B O U T CO R N E L I A D I AMON D GO L F R E S O R T & S PA | 43

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