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Winners Area

In order to maximise and showcase your award win, we produce a variety trophies, wall plaques and certificates. Each item is bespoke and can be produced in multiple numbers. A wall plaque, trophy or certificate makes the perfect adornment for your office and reception area. For further details please get in touch

Winners' Trophy

Display your coveted DeLuxe Travel Awards Trophy for all you guests and clients to see. Each trophy is designed to achieve maximum exposure for each winner and is ideally placed in business and hotel receptions or display cabinets.

Pricing GBP 285 + VAT (if Applicable)
Price excludes postage


For those who want to display their profiles as featured in our bespoke Winners Edition, we offer framed winners reprints that are ideal for exhibiting your prestigious awards win. Each framed reprint is professionally framed with a dual mount housing the DeLuxe Travel Awards Winners Edition front cover and a high quality print of your winners profile. Perfect for display in your offices and even in your consumer facing areas, allowing your customers to read our reasons for selecting your business as one of our winners.

Pricing GBP 395 + VAT (if Applicable)
Price excludes postage


Showcase your DeLuxe Travel Awards success with a Framed Winners Certificate. These certificates come professionally framed and mounted and have an official DeLuxe Travel Awards seal confirming it’s authenticity. These certificates are perfect for hanging in receptions for all you guests and clients to see, guaranteeing maximum exposure for your business.

Pricing GBP 295 + VAT (if Applicable)
Price excludes postage

Winners' Wall Plaque

We also offer DeLuxe Travel Awards Winners’ brass plaques. These are ideal for displaying outside your premises or in highly visible public areas such as reception areas or lobbies. To order your Winner Wall Plaque, contact your awards team.

Pricing GBP 395 + VAT (if Applicable)
Price excludes postage


All winners are encouraged to make full use of the official Winners’ Logo (digital) so the maximum level of publicity can be achieved. The Winners’ Logo can be used for all types of media including online and print formats. The digital Winner Package includes:

  • A Digital DeLuxe Travel Awards Winners’ logo in all main formats.
  • A Digital DeLuxe Travel Awards certificate (PDF Format)

Once you have received your digital items, you are free to display them however you wish to achieve full exposure for your award win. These are ideal for companies who wish to display award wins on their websites and on any print and display marketing materials.

Pricing GBP 395 + VAT (if Applicable)
Price excludes postage